Field Surgery

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On May 17th, Friday, we went snorkeling. However, I ended up making one of my many mistakes during our adventures in the water.

In an attempt to dive deeper and see all of the awesome creatures the guide was trying to show me, I would grab coral formations with all kinds of sea-life growing on them to pull myself down. While at the time spotting sharks and pufferfish were worth it, the afterwards was not so fun.

After ignoring my throbbing hands until we had successfully run around town and eaten a large dinner, I finally thought that we should take a look at my hands. Sure enough, when Karsten busted out his flashlight and first aid kit, we found piece after piece of coral, sea urchine, and whatever else had found its way into my fingers. Hesitantly, Karsten readied sanitizer packets, a dismembered razor head for making the incisions, tweezers, and a fresh stack of bandaids. Some of the shards could be picked out with tweezers, but some had moved a ways away from their original cut. It was obvious that no one in the room enjoyed making new cuts to get the shards out.

After everything was said and done, I could not have been more happy to endure the pain of cutting the pieces out as those types of wounds can become infected extremely easily. This is because the open cuts are exposed to all bacteria floating in the sea, the fact that they deposit foreign proteins into your skin, and in some cases they can let out a sharp sting.

By then end of the night I wore quite a few bandages but felt incredible relieved to have them removed. I definitely owe Karsten one!

-Sarah G.



4 thoughts on “Field Surgery

  1. Good on Ya, Karsten. That’s the way to be prepared for outdoor adventures. dad. In the future Sarah, wear gloves or better yet, “Do NOT Touch” the rules of veteran scuba divers.

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